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our program

Our program is developed according to each child’s individual needs. It is based on observations and reflects the outcomes set out by the national early childhood curriculum - the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  In accordance with the EYLF, we believe children learn through a balance of play and structured teaching. New Era Early Education will work in partnership with our families to ensure that our programs reflect this belief. Children have an online portfolio to document their interests, learning and development. The portfolio is accessible 24/7 to parents online on any computer, tablet or device, via individualised login details provided upon enrolment.

health and nutrition

New Era Early Education recognises the importance of healthy eating to the growth and development of young children. The centre is committed to supporting the healthy food and drink choices of children in our care. We are proud to have a cook and kitchen assistant onsite to prepare fresh, nutritious and tasty food for our children each day. Our menu has been designed in accordance with the Australian Dietary guidelines and provides children with more than 50% of their daily-recommended intake. We support our local community by sourcing produce from the local grocers and butchers.

family relationships

We believe in working together with our families to create a supportive and nurturing environment in which children are able to grow and develop to their full potential. Our educators value family input and encourage families to be as involved as possible in their child’s learning. Families are encouraged to share ideas and participate in our centre learning experiences as often as desired. In order to build upon our family relationships, New Era Early Education holds various social events such as centre morning teas, Grandparents Day celebrations, end of year celebrations and more.  We also have a private Facebook group for the parents at New Era Early Education allowing family relationships to further develop outside of our centre.

centre philosophy

Educators at New Era Early Education support, value and respect each other’s differences whist working together to achieve a common goal. We encourage ongoing training and professional development. Educators embrace and share their own cultures within the service.
Our environment supports children to become capable learners who research through play. We value natural and inviting environments for the children to resource their own learning. We at New Era Education are committed to making our service a sustainable practice by educating and supporting children to respect and learn how to care for the environment. We are providing the foundations of tomorrows environmentally aware citizens by embedding sustainable practices in our service.


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